The following is a partial list of Grants that
Andover Cares Fund has supported:

Ride Sponsor Program                                                                                           $1,800
Sponsor rides to people in recovery for support, counseling, meetings, job interviews etc.

Wellness Wednesdays                                                                                            $2,000
Sponsor the Andover Community Support Organization and other addiction support specialists with a weekly community program featuring wellness, food, resources, and entertainment.

Photography Project                                                                                              $1,000
Support the graduate students work in the Andover Community Support Depart. with an innovative program to integrate photography with therapy to provide an outlet and documentation of addiction and wellness.

MVPASAP, and “The Empty Chair Project”                                                      $6,900
Sponsor 3 people in long term sober living, and sponsor “The Empty Chair”, a community podcast radio show shared throughout Merrimack Valley, featuring families affected by substance abuse and addiction.

Andover Community Support Services-Sober Living                                 $7,500
Sponsor 10 Andover citizens in long term sober living for 1 month each.

Parent To Parent Speakers                                                                                    $1,000
Marisa Silveri, PhD: "The Science Behind Teens, Alcohol and Marijuana Use: What Every Family Should Know".  Speaker presented to parents, teens & families in February.
Ruth Potee, MD:
"Under Construction: The Teen Brain, Risk Taking, and the Physiology of Addiction" 

The Psychological Center:                                                                                      $1,000 
Providing positive results for people with addiction challenges.

MVPASAP-                                                                                                                     $1,000
Sponsorship of event 9/23/17 featuring Jim Wahlberg’s film “If Only” and The Improbable Players with their most moving program “The End of the Line”

Lawrence General Hospital -                                                                                 $3,000
Natal Critical Care Unit for babies born to Women with addiction issues. New furniture and additions to Waiting Room.

AHS - Senior Safari  ($500) & Challenge Day / Be The Change ($1,250), Transformative Teaching – Bringing ethics into difficult decisions ($700)                              

Andona Society- Exhibiting at Clown Town 2017, 2018, 2019.                           $1,500

Wood Hill Middle School- Mindfulness Retreat & Education for Teachers.   $1,500

Zack's Team-                                                                                                                $2,500
MA based non-profit dedicated to providing scholarships to individuals for substance abuse treatment. 

MVPASAP- .                                                                                                                    $2,500
-Sponsor The Improbable Players at Merrimack Valley Regional event & promotional materials

MVPASAP-                                                                                                                      $1,000
Tent, tables, signage for local grass roots events spreading opioid awareness, education, resources. 

The Psychological Center- Projector, training                                                       $500

Town of Andover - Community Support Specials; Hidden in Plain Sight.         $1,000

​ABCA - Andover Days - Resource Tents.                                                                    $1,750

Parent to Parent
presented with Grant Funding
by Andover Cares

Ruth Potee, MD:
"Under Construction: The Teen Brain, Risk Taking, and the Physiology of Addiction"

(see You Tube on Dr. Potee's talk:
  Physiology of Addiction )

November 2016

 Collins Center, Andover High School

Dr. Potee
You Tube
Opioid addiction expert Dr. Ruth Potee explains the relationship between teen risk taking and addiction. Her talk addresses brain development, neuroplasticity and how parents and community members can help prevent addiction by giving adolescent brains time to develop and mature. Learn why the days of thinking of addiction as a moral problem are over. Addiction is a pediatric developmental disease that has origins in childhood trauma, early exposure to substances, and genetics. Learn specifically about the neurobiological effects of marijuana and the potential legalization pitfalls for our adolescents. Dr. Potee is an extremely dynamic and sought after speaker who, in response to the ongoing opioid epidemic, has made it her mission to educate the public about the nature of addiction and why it is the only brain disease that is 100% preventable. "It's chemistry, not character."  See YouTube video above.